Duncan has over 25 years of experience nationally and internationally in the  media, arts, education and entertainment industries in a broad range of roles across all major art forms.   


  • Bachelor of Arts in Writing, Media and Visual Arts, SCU, NSW, Australia.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Drama (deferred). Queensland University of Technology.  

  • TESOL and TEFL Certified. College of Teachers England and English Business  College Language Services.
  • Director's Course. National Institute of Drama Arts Australia.

  • Arts Administration Traineeship. Gary McEwan Art Gallery, Vic, Australia.

Awards‌ / Professional Development

  • Golden‌ ‌Lion‌ ‌at‌ ‌the‌ ‌Cannes‌ ‌Industry‌ ‌Craft‌ ‌Lions, live launch of 'Game of‌ Thrones', ‌2019‌ ‌ (Immersive Theatre Director) .‌ ‌

  • Official‌ ‌Selection, ‌ ‌Cannes‌ ‌International‌ ‌Film‌ ‌Festival, ‌ ‌2001‌ ‌ (Production‌ ‌Designer) .‌

  • Touring‌ ‌Award, ‌ ‌San‌ ‌Diego‌ ‌International‌ ‌Fringe‌ ‌Arts‌ ‌Festival, ‌ ‌2018‌ ‌ (Director‌ ‌and‌ ‌Co-Producer) .‌ ‌

  • World‌ ‌Tour‌ ‌Ready‌ ‌Award, ‌ ‌Sydney‌ ‌Fringe‌ ‌Arts‌ ‌Festival, ‌ ‌2018‌ ‌ (Director‌ ‌and‌ ‌Co-Producer) .‌ ‌

  • Children's‌ ‌Event‌ ‌Award, ‌ ‌Perth‌ ‌Fringe‌ ‌Arts‌ ‌Festival, ‌ ‌2019‌ ‌ (Director‌ ‌and‌ ‌Co-Producer) .‌ 

  • Spanish Level Intermediate. Latin America.

  • Nationality Australian. Accent neutral / international. Private elocution training. 

Professional Experience

Private Business English Teacher, Online International 2022 to present
  • Clients in France, Portugal, Peru, Mexico, Colombia

The Senior Producer , Dirty Work Media, Guadalajara, Mexico. 2021 and 2022                                           

English Teacher at Polyglot Language School, Mexico City. 2020                                                 
  • Teach English to adults, teenagers and children in class and online. 
  • Lesson planning and curriculum development based on the Cambridge System.
  • Monitor, train and observe new teachers.  
  • Create educational videos and extra curricular programs. 
  • https://polyglot.mx
Teacher, Trainer and Teaching Artist for The Sydney Opera House. 2018 -2020.
  • Write, develop and deliver State Education Department approved training and professional development programs in creativity for primary and secondary school teachers across Sydney.
  • Create and teach multi-arts and education programs for students in primary and secondary schools.  
  • Teaching artist for school holiday creative learning programs and workshops for students of all ages at the Sydney Opera House.   
  • Direct secondary school students in theatrical production at The Sydney Opera House. 
  •  https://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/events/sydney-opera-house-presents/children-and-families-and-creative-learning.html                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Assistant Art Director. The  National TV station and leader in education,  ABC TV. Sydney. 2018-2019.

Education and Creative Director, the Sydney Festival, Community Arts Education Program and Event . 2019.  
  • Create an arts and environmental education program for students of all ages.
  • Develop and deliver recycled arts classes for up to 200 participants.
  • Employ, train and lead the team of teaching artists. 
  • Present and lead a public parade with the students and their large moving sculptures for the peak cultural festival in Australia.
  • https://2019.sydneyfestival.org.au/events/fly-me-the-moon-workshops

Immersive Theatre Director. FoxTel TV. Sydney. 2019.
  • 'Game of Thrones'. Live national  theatrical launch of new series.
  • Winner of Golden‌ ‌Lion‌ ‌at‌ ‌the‌ ‌Cannes‌ ‌Industry‌ ‌Craft‌ ‌Lions.
  • https://www.thedrum.com/news/2019/04/12/foxtel-builds-graveyard-all-the-characters-have-died-game-thrones

Dramaturge. Merida, Mexico. 2019.

Director and Co-Producer. Sydney & Perth, Fringe Festivals. Regional Tour. 2018-2019.

Co-Writer. Roundabout Theatre, NSW Regional Arts Conference, Australia. 2018

Theatre Designer. Sydney, 2018.

Teacher of  Masters Degree Students studying Social Work at the Australian College of Applied Psychology in Sydney. 2017.

  • Teach Masters of Social Work students to create and  lead cultural development  and literacy projects for  prisoners and disadvantaged communities.
  • Create and deliver the  program for the prisoners whilst training and supervising The Masters student’s practical placement.
  • Access and evaluate the Master’s students capabilities and progress.
  • Create and present  an exhibition of the prisoner’s  work in a  large community festival.
  • Liaise with prison and social work faculty staff to develop best professional practices.
  • https://www.acap.edu.au

Director, Co-Writer Sydney. 2018.

Director, Co-Writer, Co-Producer. Headlining Sydney Fringe Festival. 2017.

Creator and Director, Sydney 2017.

Installation Designer. Sydney. 2017.

Designer. Sydney. 2017.

Teacher and Artist in Residence. Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico. 2017.

Performer. Merida, 2017.

Director and Performer. Sydney. 2013-2017.

Director, Designer, Co-Writer. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth. 2016.

Director, Co-Writer, Co-Producer. Sydney. 2016.

Director, Co-Writer, Co-Producer. Sydney. 2015.

Director, Co-Writer, Co-Producer. Sydney. 2014

Director, Co-Writer, Co-Producer. Sydney. 2014

Director, Co-Writer, Producer, Designer. Sydney. 2014

Creator and Director, Sydney. 2014.

Stage Manager and Assistant Stage Manager. Sydney. 2010-2019.
  • Entertainment and corporate events across the city. Including Sydney Opera House

Director, Designer, Sydney. 2013.

Performer for Roving Theatre. Woodford Folk Festival, Australia, 2013.

Translator and English Editor. Sydney. 2013.

Performer. Sydney. 2013.

State Director Of  Largest Arts in Education Program in Australia. 2011.

  • Create, program  and deliver  over 30 touring  theatre, visual  arts and music  programs and productions into preschool, primary and secondary schools across the country.
  • Lead a department of over 30 artists ,administrators and  teachers.
  • Supervise the creation of curriculum based educational resources for all programs.
  • Manage  all contractual  and logistical matters for staff and tours.
  • Produce and Direct educational theatre productions performed in schools.
  • evaluate outside arts and education programs applying  to work in schools in association  with the State Education Department.
  • Manage the budget and oversee all marketing and publicity for the program.
  • https://sibw.com.au/artslink-queensland/ 

Director of Multi Arts and Education Residency for Students in Brisbane. 2011

  • Create and deliver a week long residential music, drama and visual arts ‘camp’ for 150 secondary students.
  • Employ and supervise a staff of 12 teachers.
  • Manage the development of the curriculum/
  • Supervise the management of  all associated logistics and marketing etc. 
  • https://www.ipswichadvertiser.com.au/news/power-to-perform/1564671/     

Teacher At Remote Arts and Education Community Festival. Blackall, Australia. 2010. 

  • Develop and deliver visual arts and theatre workshops for young people and families which led to a remote community cultural   festival.
  • Collaborate with presenting organisations to ensure all content was curriculum and community appropriate.  


English and Special Needs Teacher for Early Years at Markham College, British International school, in Lima, Peru. 2009.

  • Create and develop curriculum and lesson plans  in collaboration with the school psychologist for  students with specific needs.
  • Teach students with special needs and learning requirements.
  • Create individual lessons plans and learning modifications for students in other classes.
  • Teach and deliver English classes.
  • Access all  enrolling students in collaboration with the psychologist and school deputy. 
  • Extensive report writing.
  • https://www.markham.edu.pe/

Assistant Documentarian. Iquitos Peru. 2009.
  • 'Amazonian International Leaders Conference'. The Red Frontier for Human Rights.
  • https://www.facebook.com/BorderNetworkForHumanRights/posts/la-red-fronteriza-por-los-derechos-humans-is-holding-computer-forums / 1023897381019107 /

Creative Consultant. Brisbane. 2008.

Performer. Byron Bay, Australia, 2007.

English Teacher at Shin Top English Academy in South Korea. 2006-2007.  

  • Develop and create ESL curriculum for preschool, primary and secondary school students.
  • Plan and deliver lessons  for students including teaching  IELTS and TOEFL.
  • Report writing and assessment of students.
  • Train and supervise new teachers. 

Performer for Roving  Theatre Troupe. NSW, Australia. 2005-2006.

Designer and Co-Creator. NSW, Australia. 2005.

Multimedia Director. Mullumbimby, Australia. 2005.
  • 'The Frocks'. Independent Theatre.

Costume Designer. Byron Bay, Australia. 2003.

Workshop Facilitator. Byron Bay. 2002.
  • 'Links To Learning'. Programs in theatre and film making for marginalised youth.

Designer. Melbourne. 2000.

Co-Producer, Co-Director. Lismore, Australia. 2003, 2004, 2006.
  • 'Tropical Fruits' NYE Arts Festival. A 3-day event for 3500 people. Multi venues, stages, 250 volunteers,
  • 1000 people camping, film festival, cabaret and community centre.
  • https://tropicalfruits.org.au/

Stage and Production Management. Australia. 1996 -2019.
  • Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour, Museum of Contemporary Art, 
  • Major Performing Arts Centers across Australia, Major hotels, Amusement Parks, 
  • Stadiums, Circus and Festival Tents, including national tours and parades.

Props, Maker, Buyer and Props On Stage. 2009 - 2018.

Director. Australia. 2000 - 2005
  • Various independent short films and documentaries.

Costumes. Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide. 1996-2000.
  • 'English National Ballet Stadium Tour', 'Moulin Rouge Film', 'Nickelodeon', Cameron Macintosh, Dainty, The Really Useful Theatre Company
  • and other major musicals and productions across Australia.