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upstaged reviews“…a dark thriller-style experience that has the potential to spiral into bitter violence and expose raw and gritty aspects of human nature.” – Emily Richardson Upstage Reviews



 logo ‘A must-experience, unique theatrical performance. Go with a friend, and get lost in whatever ‘adventure’ it may turn out to be.’  Georgia Cassimatis Whats On Sydney


Lisa-Thatcher-PROD ‘Mongrel Mouth expose us to the borderless possibilities of the infinite when it comes to theatre.’




‘Unforgettable’ Suzy Goes See




 index‘Enjoyable, enticing and fascinating, and is definitely one to catch.’ Erica Enriquez



theatrepeople logo‘ … fascinating to watch how others respond to what occurs’ Tim Garratt




Front page City Hub









Sydney Morning Herald Shortlist





‘5 Questions with Rizcel Gagawanan and Jasper Garner Gore’ Suzy Goes See







Like Me Reviews and Press – June 2015


 Theatre Out Of Control with Michael Cathcart,  Books and Arts Daily


aussie theatre

“I found the experience moving and deeply human, and it will remain with me for a long time.”  Jeannette Delamoir, Aussie Theatre



  suzy goes see“It is pleasurable and seductive and we comply. The cast is extraordinarily cohesive with its style, dialect and presence. Thrilling soundscapes and music of David Herrero. Beautiful and innovative set design by Gemma O’Nions. Sensationally dressed by Alex Peter Francis Jackson”

Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See


 ABSOLUTE THEATRE “The theatrical marvel that is Like Me.”  Emily Richardson, Absolute Theatre

the music“deeply unsettling but irresistibly exciting world will get your blood pumping and your feet moving 4 & 1/2 STARS” Sam Baran, The


 AU reviewKat Czornij from the AU Review caught up with director Duncan Maurice to discuss immersive theatre, unpredictable audiences and laughter saving our sanity.


stage whispers logo“The tension was at its peak in my personal journey when I witnessed an audience member forced to strip down to his underwear in the shower room”                           Emma Squires,  Stage Whispers


“This anarchic form is core to Mongrel Mouth’s third show, Like Me” David Molloy interviews the Director


Northside radio logo





broadway world Sydney Australia“Sydney’s appetite for immersive theatre experiences was highlighted with sell-out seasons of Mongrel Mouth productions.”


brag_logo_190w“Mongrel Mouth returns this year with another highly anticipated immersive theatre comedy”  – Ayla Dhyani, The Brag

The Age of Entitlement Press - 2014


“Working on the assumption that a review is about 250 words long, I could repeat the phrase, “You really, really have to see this show!” 31.25 times.”- Judith Greenaway, Sydney Arts Guide


Sydney Weekend Notes – December 2014


“I was blown out of the water with this production by Mongrel Mouth.” - lilbusgirl, Sydney Weekend Notes


Stage Whispers – December  2014

Mongrel Mouth Actors Alison Crew, Danny Gubbay, Rowan McDonald, Paloma Alma, Photo by Augusta Supple-400x385

“This show is sold out for good reason.” – Maryann Wright Stage Whispers

 The Brag – December 2014


At times it’s violent, terrifying, even disgusting, and there’s nowhere to turn away from it.  – Hannah Warren The Brag


STEVIE ZIPPER – December 2014

Stevie Zipper

“The Age of Entitlement’ is a fantastic hybrid exploration of kinetics between audience actor and story. Mongrel Mouth and company are catering to new expectation and audiences. It’s fun, thoughtfully current in context and super quirky”


The Daily Telegraph – November 2014



“Mongrel Mouth Rocks The Rocks”

- Chris Hook, The Daily Telegraph


Peter Baecker You Tube – December 2014


2SER 107.3 FM  – November 2014







Concrete Playground  – December 2014


The Brag – December 2014


Alt Media Group – November 2014

alt media group logo

he Silence Came Press

The Brag – May, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 21.07.30



“This piece is so far beyond traditional theatre that when you leave at the end, you’ll feel shaken, bewildered, and maybe angry. And theatre that makes you feel this strongly is the best kind of theatre. 4.5/5 stars”

- Hannah Warren, The Brag




The Sydney Morning Herald – April, 2014


“It’s ‘choose your own adventure’ in a way, but more complex than that,” Maurice says. “If the audience wants to get involved to the point that the whole event goes off the book, that’s exactly the kind of theatre we want to make.”

- Elissa Blake, Sydney Morning Herald



The Daily Telegraph – April, 2014

“Pieced together, the scenes tell a story – one inspired by the great narratives of our culture – the story and fables that endure down the ages.”

- Chris Hook, Daily Telegraph


The Brag – May, 2014




“The risk is in how audiences will react to being set free in a show. It’s exciting to break the conditioning of being told where to sit and when to get up and when to respond. Audiences are intelligent, astute and savvy – they deserve entertainment that trusts them, theatre that puts their desire at the centre,” says Maurice.

- Featured Article, The Brag




The North Shore Times – April, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 18.02.59



“The house is physically open and you are seeing into people’s lives, people’s relationships with their partners and other people’s lives,” Campbell said.

Lauren Murada, North Shore Times





2SER 107.3 FM Interview – April, 2014




The Bee and the Tree – April 2016

1490776_606321946108010_574693636_o“Each individual responds in their own way and Mongrel Mouth have a shining reputation for creating experiential work. As an immersive theatre collective, it seems a natural step for the company to take their imaginative way of working into the realm of children’s theatre”

“Issues of sustainability, crashed bee colonies and the protection of trees are explored in a child centred fun way without anything heavy handed or preachy.”

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