The Silence Came


The Silence Came was an original, immersive theatrical production set across three levels of a real, 165-year-old inner Sydney house. The show was a sell out success, with the audience in control of where to go and what to see. The lives of 14 characters were laid bare in an intimate spectacle across 7 separate rooms simultaneously. Their destiny depended upon the decisions of the onlookers.

The  THE SILENCE CAME is set in a distorted modern society, divided by class and polluted by the seven deadly sins. Each character is forced to make the ultimate choice, save oneself or do what is right.

The production allows the audience to determine their own story throughout the evening and discover what happens when good people do nothing in the face of evil. In the end, the audience decides if corruption and deceit will triumph or if someone will step forward and tell the truth. Is all hope lost or will morality prevail?

“No two nights will ever be the same because the audience are in control of this show,” said Duncan Maurice. “The team have worked hard to ensure that they’re ready for any path the show could take. We’re breaking the traditional theatre rules and letting the audience roam free amongst the actors and on the stage to essentially mould the action.”


Writer/Director Duncan Maurice, Creative Producer Ezequiel Martinez, Co-Producers Charles Upton & The Commons, Set Designers Jo Parkin & Shane Robertson, Costume Hair & Make Up Designer Alex PF Jackson,  Photo and Videographer Chris Evans


Angela Blake, Aston Campbell, Charles Upton, Christina Sankari, Danny Gubbay,

Ezequiel Martinez, Giulia Clemente, Lumka Coleman, Mark Olford, Nick Rowe,

Paloma Alma, Rose Grayson, Sharon Zeeman, and Tess Marshall

Special thanks to Kabuku PR   for publicity and  The Commons Restaurant for Co Producing and their beautiful venue.