“Mongrel Mouth returns this year with another highly anticipated immersive theatre comedy”  – Ayla Dhyani, The Brag

The Age of Entitlement Press - 2014

“Working on the assumption that a review is about 250 words long, I could repeat the phrase, “You really, really have to see this show!” 31.25 times.”- Judith Greenaway, Sydney Arts Guide


“I was blown out of the water with this production by Mongrel Mouth.” - lilbusgirl, Sydney Weekend Notes


“This show is sold out for good reason.” – Maryann Wright Stage Whispers

At times it’s violent, terrifying, even disgusting, and there’s nowhere to turn away from it.  – Hannah Warren The Brag


“The Age of Entitlement’ is a fantastic hybrid exploration of kinetics between audience actor and story. Mongrel Mouth and company are catering to new expectation and audiences. It’s fun, thoughtfully current in context and super quirky”



“Mongrel Mouth Rocks The Rocks”

- Chris Hook, The Daily Telegraph


The Brag – December 2014

he Silence Came Press



“This piece is so far beyond traditional theatre that when you leave at the end, you’ll feel shaken, bewildered, and maybe angry. And theatre that makes you feel this strongly is the best kind of theatre. 4.5/5 stars”

- Hannah Warren, The Brag




“It’s ‘choose your own adventure’ in a way, but more complex than that,” Maurice says. “If the audience wants to get involved to the point that the whole event goes off the book, that’s exactly the kind of theatre we want to make.”

- Elissa Blake, Sydney Morning Herald